How to Choose Your Bedroom Lighting

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Some ideas on how to choose lighting for your bedroom!

We often don’t think about the lighting in our bedrooms, but the right lighting can make such a difference. Your bedroom is your haven. At the end of a busy day you need a bedroom where you can fall into a comfy bed and snuggle under your quilt for relaxation and restoration.

As our lives get busier, our rooms functions are changing also. Many bedrooms are used for study, work, reading, all which can make getting the right lighting a bit trickier. Firstly, you need to look at your room and consider the following:

  • What type of lighting do you need?
  • What is your space being used for?
  • Will you need different lighting in different parts of the room?
  • What is the theme or style you would like in your bedroom?

1.) What type of lighting do you need

Bedside lighting is a key lighting for consideration. Will this light be functional – to use when reading, writing, etc. Or is more about being an accessory within the room? Table lamps on bedside tables provide strong symmetry and are a classical option.

2.) Think about how the lighting is being used.

Think about the placement of lamps within the room. Is there an outlet nearby, if not how can you power the lamp? Extension cords can often break a clean, simple design, so think about it first! Also deciding where in the room the lamp will go can impact on the the size and shape of the lamp. Is it a corner which can accommodate a full length floor lamp. Is it for on a table and if so, would a narrow or wider base work better? Different parts of a room work better with different shapes, so review carefully.

3.) How much lighting will you need?

You may need multiple layers of light depending on how you use your bedroom. Do you watch TV in your room? Read? Study? Exercise? Layer your lighting with requirements in the areas you need, such as a table or floor lamp to help with reading or studying if needed, or softer lighting if it is more about creating an ambience.

4.) What is your bedroom theme or style?

Lighting really can have a huge impact on the style of the room.  If the lighting looks out of place then the room doesn’t flow.  A bedroom should be a place of sanctuary and peace, so it’s important to get a balance of your style and lighting that is soothing and creates the right ambience. The colour theme of your room is also impacted by lighting. Bright rooms need less light than a dark or moody bedroom. Don’t forget natural light also plays a part within your lighting selections.

5.) Functionality

Don’t forget about the actual locations of switches! It is important that these are convenient and work within how you will use it. For example, make sure your bedside table lighting is easily accessible from your bed.