Linen & Accessories

Linen & Accessories

To complement your bedroom explore our range of quilt and bed sheet sets in a large selection of colours and sizes from well-known brands including Linen House, Aura, KAS, Hiccups, and Bedshed's Premium range.

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Available at selected Bedshed stores.

A tip for choosing for bed linen

  • When you're selecting the perfect bed sheet set for your bed, bear in mind that a higher thread count (which is the number of cotton fibres per 10 square centimetres of fabric) normally means a better quality and more durable bed sheet. However it is also very important that a high quality yarn be used, as it is still possible to weave high thread-count fabrics with undesirable yarn qualities. You can usually tell the quality of a fabric by the feel and overall look of the finished product.
  • Fitted bed sheets come in depths ranging from 23cm to 50cm. Always make sure a fitted bed sheet is deep enough to pull over the width of your mattress.