3 ways to keep your bedroom toasty and on-trend this winter

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Baby it's cold outside! Cosy up your bedroom and create a warm and inviting place to hibernate with these winter decorating tips.

1. Surround yourself in the warmth of timber.

Timber, arguably one of Mother Nature's wunderkind, is at the top of our list for a reason. Invite it into your room and it'll bring colour, texture, warmth and character. It may even make you a cup of tea if you ask nicely.

Seriously though, it's just a really nice, solid material.

2. Cosy up with natural fabrics in warm tones.

Natural is the name of the game when it comes to your bedding. Not only do natural fibres such as linen and wool look and feel fabulous, they also react to your body temperature, warming you up and cooling you down as required.

The individual microclimates wool creates are a big plus if you have a hot and cold sleeper sharing the bed.

3. Layer in some chunky, tactile fabrics.

Decorative accessories such as pillows, quilts and throws are a great way to simultaneously inject warmth and style  – like your bedroom's version of the perfect scarf.

Use a mix of colourful prints and textured fabrics such as chunky knits, velvet and faux fur to give your space some extra depth and interest.

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