4 reasons you should get a Tempur mattress

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A memory foam mattress is sort of like Vegemite. Those that love it are staunch vocal supporters – and the haters gonna… well, you know. Partisan politics aside, here are four reasons why you should consider getting on board:

1. You always wanted to be an astronaut.

In the 1960's, NASA engaged Charles Yost, an aeronautical engineer who helped bring the Apollo command module safely back to earth, to create a comfy seating material to cushion and protect astronauts.

Yost developed a temperature-sensitive material he called "slow springback foam" that changed shape under pressure and returned to original form when released. NASA installed the material, which became known as "Temper Foam", in Space Shuttle seats throughout the 70's and then released it to the public in the 80's.

During the 90's, another group of scientists from the soon-to-be-merged companies, Fagerdala in Sweden and Dan-Foam in Denmark, continued development on the NASA creation to adapt it for use in mattresses. After nearly a decade and millions of dollars of research, the perfected Tempur material was born.

So when you think about it, a night on your Tempur is pretty much like riding in a Space Shuttle. Well, sort of.

2. You experience back pain.

Because Tempur's temperature-sensitive material conforms to the shape of the body, heavier areas such as shoulders and hips sink in further while lighter areas sink in less.

The even distribution of weight and continuous support allows for better spinal alignment while reducing pressure points – both of which are effective at reducing back pain for many sufferers.

3. You have an active bed mate.

The Tempur material is incredibly good at localising and absorbing force (no surprise given it was designed to provide aviation crash protection) - meaning no one rolls to the middle and you'll remain blissfully undisturbed by even the most active partner.

Unfortunately, this does mean that jumping on the bed will never be the same…



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