5 ways to style a basics bedroom

san tropez celeste florence millwood lyon grey basics bedroom bedshed kids recycled glam scandinavian rustic minimalist

Spring has sprung, making it the perfect time to shed the heavy duvet and refresh your bedroom style. If you’re more partial to clean basics than bold prints, fear not! You can create a space that’s stylish, calming and full of personality using a minimalist palette.

Here are 5 tips to get the results you want with basics:

Rustic romance

A handmade, bohemian spin on the all-white look conjures a feeling of effortless romance and summertime. The classic four-poster bed has been given a modern makeover—a simple highlight of a ‘modern lovers’ bedroom. You can start small with a few vintage mirrors, ceramics in earthy tones and/or a woven wicker rug. Flea market finds can be given a new lease on life with a coat of paint and a brush of sandpaper, and there are also plenty of options such as our San Tropez bedroom suite (above) for those that aren’t into the DIY approach.

Scandinavian chic

The Nordic approach to interiors is grounded in making the most of natural light. Considering the long midsummer hours and lengthy winters, this makes total sense. But that doesn’t mean the whole house has to be a whitewash. You can embrace the Scandi-style with accessories such as a highlight piece of art (self-made or bought), a centerpiece rug, mid-century modern lighting and our Celeste bedroom suite.

Aifund (left; supplied) and the Bedshed Celeste bedroom suite (right) with matching dressing table with mirror, tallboy and bedside table.

Touch of glam

Keeping to a single colour doesn’t need to be boring. This is when the use of different textures and finishes can really make a statement. Think mirrored bedside tables, a plush throw rug, some ornate lamps to set the mood and our Florence bedroom suite. A blank canvas is as diverse as you make it.

Stroke of Luxe (left; supplied) and the Bedshed Florence bedroom suite (right) with matching bed bench, dressing table with mirror, bedside table and tallboy.

Repurposed and recycled

All the rage, it doesn’t take much but a bit of imagination and an eye for detail to add a bit of personality to an otherwise minimalist set-up. Keep your linens crisp, mixing it up with textured materials, dig out that old vintage suitcase from the garage and create a feature wall by bundling a few pieces of art together. Matching with our Lyon bedroom suite to make a big impact.

Chapter Friday (left; supplied) and the Bedshed Lyon bedroom suite (right) with matching one or three-drawer bedside table, tallboy, day bed and dressing table with mirror.

The grey files

For those that like their look a little darker, keeping the right tones is crucial. Reflect what you’re going for not only through your choice of linens, but also your personal accents. Art, posters, light fittings, storage, books—take it all into account. Grouping seemingly random features by colour – and pairing with our Millwood bedroom suite – will keep your look ultra chic, and is relatively painless.

The Style Files (left; supplied) and the Bedshed Millwood bedroom suite (right) with tallboy, bedside table and dressing table with mirror.