7 decorating rules to break

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Rules were meant to be broken, right? While some decorating guidelines are a good starting point when designing your interior, we reckon following rules simply takes the fun out of it. Prepare to unleash your creative power in the house ‘cause we’re about to debunk 7 decorating myths.

1. Everything must match

Of course, it’s okay to match a few items to keep your space coherent. However, just like matching your lipstick to your bag AND your shoes, matching all of your things can end up looking tacky, or worse: boring.
Be bold! Match your contemporary bed frame with vintage finds. Mix colours and styles. The aim is to create a room with a story, not to look like you bought everything on the same day.

2. Small bedroom = small furniture

Sometimes, a lot of small furniture can only make a small space feel more cramped. Instead, try to use fewer, bigger pieces. Like our "Big ideas for small bedrooms" blog post states: it’s not about having small stuff, it’s about having less stuff. You’d actually be surprised by how much a tall headboard can make a room grow.

3. Odd numbers only

It’s a well-known design principle that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye, but we feel that’s really up to your own taste. It’s your house after all; you decide what works. To hell with it! Put 4 pillows on that bed if you think it looks better!

4. Go easy on trends

People tend to stick to classical interiors and only incorporate trends in small touches, usually through replaceable accessories. But if a trend really speaks to you, why not run wild with it? Think mid-century modern is the supreme of chic? Go for it: transform your home into the set of Mad Men. And get a crystal decanter while you’re at it.

5. One pattern to rule them all

Mixing patterns is a risky game and most of us play it safe by using no more than a single pattern in a room. Snore. Get creative with two, three or more patterns!  We dare say plaid and floral are a match made in heaven. The key is to make sure they share a common colour.

6. Ceilings must be white

Ok, who came up with this one? There seems to be this unspoken rule that white is the only acceptable colour for a ceiling. False. A coloured ceiling can add a massive amount of style to your space. Keep it subtle by choosing a hue one shade darker than your walls, or turn up the drama with gold or silver.

7. Stick to a neutral palette

Ivory white, eggshell, taupe, beige…these days it seems it’s all about the neutrals. Walls and linen seem to all blend into one vaguely cream colour. Neutrals aren’t for everyone; so don’t feel bad if you’d rather have a room splattered in fuchsia. Darker colours can also work to produce a really cosy and intimate atmosphere.

So you get it guys, when it comes to creating a home with character, you just need to let your personality speak for itself. The only rule is that there are no rules.