A Solid Bed to Sleep On - Slat Bed Bases

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What is the difference between slat base beds and ensembles? Slats span under the mattress and are supported on the outer edges of the bed frame. A mattress ensemble contains a box spring that preassembled and sits under the bed. Sometimes slat beds are preferred, because slats can allow for a lower mattress height, are less expensive or allow for a minimalist bed design.

Slats lie flat under the surface of the bed and allow the mattress to breathe and ventilate better while evenly distributing support. Slats can also allow movement of an adjustable mattress, such as the Tempur frames and slats can be shapes other than long and thin. Let's have a look at some slat bed bases:

Wood vs Metal

Slats are primarily made of different types of wood or metal. You will mostly find metal slats on a fixed frame or futon. The wood used for slats range in cost, flexibility and strength. One common wood used for slats is pine. Birch wood is another type of wood used for slats.

Adjustable Slat Beds

No longer are adjustable slat beds confined solely to nursing homes and hospitals as they have now become a contemporary lifestyle addition to any home.

Squeaky Wood Slats

Applying the right lubricant and replacing cracked or weak pieces of wood will prevent the slats from potential squeaking underneath the pressure of your mattress.

Cheap Alternatives

Inexpensive slat beds can fall off frames or crack under the weight of the mattress. In the event that a slat cracks or breaks, you'd then have to change either one individual slat or the entire set of slats.

Also, don't forget to measure out your bed height before deciding on a particular slat bed base so that you are able to correctly choose a slat that works for you.