Affordable Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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We all have areas in our homes which are unfinished or need a bit of work.  The decorating process can sometimes seem never ending, expensive and time consuming, when really a simple transformation can be easy. Our tips below will give you some bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, to transform a boring space into one with character and style.  

Bedroom Decorating Ideas
First and foremost, stick to one particular style and colour palette.  Have fun with this and select something which works for you, don’t be afraid to go against conventional colours and styles. 
Our tip: Selecting paint colours first can be difficult.  We recommend starting with your bedding, art work or floor rug, it’s then easy to tie in everything else with that style and colour palette.  If you aren’t painting select the décor in your room that’s going to stay and ensure that any new additions complement the existing pieces and colours in the room.

Feature Wall : It's surprising what a splash of paint really does to a room.  Give your bedroom some character with a feature wall - tying in the colours of your bedding, bedroom furniture, accessories and decor.  Our top pick at the moment - navy blue.  If you opt for a darker feature wall ensure that other walls are lighter neutral shades.  The feature wall in the bedroom should be the wall behind your headboard.  Don't be afraid to use an accent wallpaper here rather than paint.  Don't want to paint? Try a wall decal.

Bedding : Do the colours in your bedding complement your bedroom furniture? A new, refreshed bedroom could be as simple as updating your doona cover and pillows.  The Cooma Bed featuring the Chevron Grande in Bright Yellow by Linen House, shows the difference a splash of colour can make.  A bright yellow or orange teamed with monochromatic bed cushions and accessories gives you that modern look and feel to a previously outdated bedroom.

Floor Rug :  If your bedding is quite busy opt for a neutral floor rug and vice versa, neutral bedding, go for a patterned, textured floor rug. Too much going on in terms of colour and pattern can make your room appear smaller.  Wanting a new floor rug on a budget? Check out our home DIY Pinterest board for tips. 

Cushions : Cushions are a great way to add a touch of colour to any room.  Keep your selected colour palette in mind and don't be afraid to clash prints here, decorative cushions can also be used to add some texture whether it be suede, velvet or the shaggy look.  Blocks of colour can be incorporated through large floor cushions, two placed adjacently at the end of your bed works well in the larger bedrooms.

Lighting: Bedroom lighting is important, it should be dim with additional reading lights placed at the bedside if needed. Character can be added through the use of lampshades or unique ceiling fittings. Or add some life to an old lampshade by removing the shades material and leaving just as a frame for a modern look or re-cover with new material.  Painting or sanding back a wooden base can also give an old piece some life.

Artwork : Photographs, artwork and wall hangings can finish off a room.  This can easily be done on a budget.  Go to garage sales and flea markets to pick up a bargain.  Arrange and group a number of frames together to fill a large wall space.  Key pieces should hang above the head board. 

We hope our bedroom decorating ideas have given you an insight to what your outdated room may need, for more tips on selecting the best bedding and bedroom furniture visit your local Bedshed store today.

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