Back Pain - Finding the Right Bed

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There is no one best mattress for a bad back and there are many great beds for bad backs. Finding the right bed, if you suffer from back pain depends on your age, your health, and the underlying cause of the back pain. Mattress manufacturers like Sealy, Beautyrest, Sleepmaker and Tempur, have come up with variety of innovative solutions for the different causes of bad backs that are all available at Bedshed. In general, when choosing the best mattress for your back:

• A mattress ensemble (the combined mattress and base) creates the most even sleeping surface for your back
• A mattress with a plush surface can be more comfortable, and just as supportive as a firm mattress
• Older slat beds, or older mattresses can sag in uneven patterns that stress a bad back
• Futons and hammocks can aggravate a bad back by curving the spine into an awkward position
• Pillows need to be correctly matched to the size of your body, smaller pillows for a smaller body, larger pillows for a bigger body
• Body pillows, or a pillow between your legs may help ease stress on the spine
• Flexible base beds, like the Tempur Zero G bases, can be useful for some people with chronic back pain

A bad back tends to be different depending on our age. Most people experience a few days to a few weeks of back pain sometime between their 30's and 50's. The most common causes of the occasional bad back is lack of exercise, or a sedentary lifestyle with a brief period of too much exercise. Younger people tend to feel back pain in their necks and upper back due to the wrong size pillows, or pillows that aren't properly supportive, and bad posture during the workday. See our article, Pillow Talk Choosing the Right Pillow, for tips on choosing pillows to fit your sleep position and your body.

As we age, we tend to feel the back pain lower in the back, especially when our day consists of long hours of sitting. Our soft tissues, bones, and fitness levels deteriorate, causing aches, and bad backs. Movement during the day can be better for a bad back than going back to bed. Additionally as some people age, they find a supportive mattress with a plush surface feels more comfortable to their joints, muscles and back.

Don't ignore back pain. Work with your GP, or physio to strengthen the muscles in your body, and maintain a healthy body weight. Your GP will be able to assist you with medications to reduce swelling, treatments to ease discomfort, or refer you to other specialists. Medical professionals and back specialists may also be able to provide guidance on the right height, and location of your bed in the bedroom. Come into any Bedshed store to view and try a number of beds, and find the best mattress ensembles that meet your height and comfort needs.

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