Back to Work New Year’s Resolutions

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What is one of the best New Year’s resolutions? Getting ourselves motivated and into a good routine before we go back to work. Going back to work can be difficult when we've had a great Christmas holiday. Beat the back to the office blues.

Ease yourself back into work gently
We're not going to be working at our optimum performance level after the holiday stress, excitement, lack of sleep, and indulgences. Take it easy the first few days back at work. Plan a practical routine for the work day, and focus on consistent timing for lunch and breaks. If possible wait a few days to make any major decisions. The disappointment of the end of the holidays can sometimes translate into careless decision-making.

Get back into exercise
Unfortunately all the rich holiday food and drink has to go somewhere. Add exercise to the New Year’s resolutions. Exercise releases endorphins that increase our alertness, make us more resilient to stress, and improve our mood. Get out in the cooler morning hours and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Make New Year’s resolutions for work
Make a New Year’s resolution list including work goals. Pick up some productivity tips from books, television, and the internet to make going back to work interesting, and rewarding. Learn how to focus on a single task, and reduce distractions. Or, discover how to prioritise and manage time around meetings, email, and phone.

Get some rest before you return to work
Now all the parties are over, and the house guests have gone home, find a couple days of rest before going back to work. Don't rush to complete the post holiday clean up. Re-establish a good bedtime routine, and even get some early nights. A good night sleep can make a big difference.

Happy New Year!

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