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The sand and surf are part of our Australian identity, and inspires several of Bedshed's furniture designs. Beach decor can suggest calmness, nostalgia, or the excitement of summer.

Beach Decor - Sea and Sky
Peaceful, tranquil whites, and pale blues suggest cool sky, clouds, and an ocean breeze on a summer's day. Whites, and pale colours can be adapted to a dark or light timber furniture suite. Look for texture in white quilt covers and pillow cases, such as the gathered or pleated designs of the Gainsborough Home contemporary range of quilt covers. Keep the accent colours soft. Group two, to three contrasting coloured accent pillows in neutral-dark tones, such as slate grey, navy blue, or earthen muted dark-beige on the bed. Paint the one wall behind the bed a deep navy, or dark-ocean colour to provide contrast while maintaining a relaxing feel.

Vintage Beach Decor
Bedshed's Palm Beach Charcoal bedroom suite makes a nice contrast to bold vintage prints. The dark, distressed-look timber forms a stage for Linen House's bold quilt covers, and pillow cases. Look for the designs with a white or light background and exaggerated prints of palm trees, and hibiscus flowers. Let the bed be the dramatic and playful highlight of your beach decor. Muted or natural walls, such as pale shades of white, give focus to the dark lines of the Palm Beach bedroom furniture. The visual impact of the bold graphics on the quilt cover and pillows shout summer fun.

Interior Design - Cool Blues
Use the natural, brushed timber Palm Beach bedroom suite to suggest the sandy, warm tones of beach decor. Bring the beach into the bedroom by adding white linens, and two shades of blue in the flat sheet, and accent pillows. KAS Australia has a number of high-thread count, quality sheet sets in bold teal blue colours. Adding accent pillows with delicate blue patterns can give texture to the beach decor while maintaining the fresh look.
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