Beat the Winter Flu

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Freezing nights and rainy days have hit! It’s well and truly winter and unfortunately for many families that means cold and flu season.  We know it’s coming every year and do our best to avoid unwell little ones and days off work, but unfortunately with school, day care, work and public transport, winter flus can be inevitable.  So what can we do to prevent and reduce the effects of a nasty cold? 

Steps to prevent cold and flus this winter
1.     Wash your hands frequently : Cold and flu viruses can survive for up to a day on surfaces and enclosed spaces, by washing your hands regularly you have less chance of catching anything.  It's also important to avoid touching the areas around your eyes and mouth.
2.     Do your best to limit your family’s exposure to infected people : When we are exposed to people with colds and flus we are more likely to catch one ourselves!
3.     Practice healthy habits and get essential nutrients : You've heard it before you will hear it again, a healthy diet and exercise is good for our immune system.  Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! It's proven that apples contain antioxidants and essential nutrients formed to fight off nasty bugs.
4.     Get sufficient sleep each night : Getting enough quality sleep evidently decreases your chance of getting sick, research suggests that those who sleep for less than 7 hours each night are almost 3 times as likely to catch a cold than those who sleep 8 hours or more.
5.     Drink lots of liquids : A recent study found that staying hydrated may boost a particular immune response to enable your body to better fight the viruses. Aim to 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Sleep well to prevent and reduce colds and flus

Sleep deprivation has an impact on the immune system, meaning that lack of sleep can essentially make you more exposed to viruses. If you're not sleeping properly, determine the reasons why in order to resolve them.
You and your family’s Bedrooms should all be the perfect environment for sleep.  Ensure they are all dark and warm enough, with the correct bedding, mattresses and pillows for each individual. A comfortable bedroom will set the ideal sanctuary for quality rest.
When you have caught a nasty cold rest is so important for a quick recovery.  Ensure you get plenty of sleep, a long warm shower before bedtime can assist in breaking up congestion, relieving a runny nose and help you get to sleep with ease.

So take care of yourself and your family this winter by sleeping well!

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