Becoming a Morning Person


Let’s face it, we're not all morning people! Particularly in winter..on a cosy Monday morning.  

So what can be done to turn those lazy mornings into productive and happy starts to the day?

Our top 10 tips will transfer you into a happy morning person in no time! Give it a go!

10 Steps to becoming a morning person

1. Things to do before Bed : Ensure you and your family are eating dinner at least 2 hours before bed, going to bed on a full tummy can make it difficult to get to sleep.  Avoid caffeine, the majority of us don't realise that some food and drink we consume have hidden sources of caffeine, so be mindful of what you and your family are eating and drinking before bed.

2. Natural Sleep Aids: A good night sleep is crucial in ensuring that you can successfully wake up feeling refreshed and alert.  Natural sleep aids and healthy eating will assist you in getting a good night sleep - look into relaxing aromatherapy oils, herbal tea and specific foods which will make you feel tired before going to bed.

3. Stick to a sleep schedule: A sleep schedule will effectively assist you and your family in setting your body clock.  Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day will allow your body to get in a routine sleep pattern, meaning you will fall asleep easier at night and wake up with less trouble every morning. A sleep schedule also has the benefits of ensuring that you are getting the right amount of sleep each night.

4. Place your alarm clock as far away from you as possible: Now that you are getting a good night sleep, the trouble may lie in waking up at the appropriate time with ease. Positioning your alarm clock as far away from your bed as possible will make you get up to turn it off!

5. Resist the temptation of going back to bed: Now whatever you do, don't press snooze! If you have the option, going back to bed and sleeping more may only make you more tired throughout the day.  Once you are up, stay up!

6. Turn some music on when you wake up : There's nothing better than a good 'pick-me-up' tune to get you up and about in the morning. Turn on some happy music each morning to get you and your family in a good mood to start the day!

7. The perfect morning shower : Showering as soon as you wake up in the morning will help your body become more alert for the day ahead, opt for a refreshing shower gel designed to wake you up and turn on the cold water for a couple of seconds.

8. Give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning : There is nothing worse than starting the day in a hurry, wake up early enough to ensure you are not rushing out the door!

9. Fresh air and sunlight : Fresh air and natural light will work wonders for your body in the morning, a good dose of vitamin D will successfully wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead! 

10. Get physical : Exercising in the morning will energise you for the day, as well as having the benefits of regulating your appetite for the day and of course getting those endorphins flowing!

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