Bed Ideas: Spring is in the Air

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Spring officially started this month and we're thinking about how the season affects our sleep.

Allergens in Mattresses and Pillows

The first issue that many of us deal with during the spring -- is allergies. Our bodies become increasingly sensitive to pollen, mold, dust and dander. For some of us, our mattress and pillows may be contributing to our itchy eyes and stuffy nose.

An old mattress can be harbouring more than a saggy surface, it can be holding mold spores, dust, bacteria, dust mites and dander that aggravate our allergy symptoms. Look for mattresses made with allergy resistant treatments and materials, like

  • Dreamsense Slumber Mattresses
  • Springwall Chiro Mattresses
  • Sleepmaker Siimply Siingles Mattresses for kids & teens

The regular care and cleaning of a mattress will also reduce your exposure to allergens. After removing the sheets from the mattress, vacuum the top surface, the piping and the base. Make the bed with a clean mattress protector and wash it at least once a month. For best results, replace your mattress protector every other year. A note for those of us in humid climates: we may need to wash our sheets more often because bacteria, mold and dust mites prefer moist environments.

Sleep Position

While experiencing mild, seasonal allergies, our sleep position can affect our breathing comfort. (Please note, if you suffer from asthma, severe allergies or other medical conditions, be sure to visit a medical professional for assistance.)

Some allergy sufferers find relief by slightly elevating their head and chest. Adjustable beds are the ideal solution to raise the upper body into a relaxing position. At Bedshed, we like the Tempur mattresses with the ERGO base or with the Superflex base.

Don't worry if you aren't ready for an adjustable bed, you can use specialized pillows or extra pillows to provide some nighttime relief.

Side sleepers typically have the least discomfort and can prop their torso and head up with pillows. Back sleepers can elevate their head and torso with extra pillows and roll slightly towards their side. Stomach sleepers might find comfort by propping their body slightly to the side with extra pillows under the torso and hip.

This spring, come into any local Bedshed store to find a variety of quality bedding solutions and enjoy getting a restful night's sleep.