Bedding Essentials

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Your bedding choices could be the difference between you and your family getting sufficient sleep or enduring restless nights. This week our bedroom specialists cover what bedding should be considered an essential and how they will guide your family to better sleep.

While colours and style are important, consider your comfort first as foremost. Review the type of fabrics available, weave, thread count and of course be mindful of your personal preferences when it comes to bedding.

Bedding Essentials
Fitted Sheets, Flat Sheets and Pillow Cases

Quality bed sheets are a worthwhile investment for you and your family.  Always consider the thread count and type of material. 

The thread count refers to the quality of thread woven into a square inch of the sheets fabric. For the guest and kids bedrooms we would recommend a 250 thread count, but if you really want to treat yourself opt for a luxurious 800-1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet.

Another factor to take into account is the material type. There is so much variety in terms of material ranging from your typical cotton, through to bamboo, linen, flannels and synthetics.  If you find this decision overwhelming, select cotton!  Cotton is comfortable all year round and is easy to wash and take care of.  If you like to change your sheets seasonally, opt for linen over the warmer months and a flannel over the cold winter months.

Mattress Protector

For those who aren't currently using a mattress protector, invest in one! Not only for the care and maintenance of your mattress, but also to provide you and your family with a fresh and comfortable place to sleep.  When selecting a new mattress protector determine your budget, if you have any allergies and what materials you prefer.

Doona / Quilt / Duvet

A quilt, doona, duvet or whatever you like to call it, are available in a variety of warmth ratings and fibres. The most common fibres being down and feather, synthetics and cotton.
Down & Feather Quilt : Down and feather quilts are generally a great option for winter, however we would not recommend such fibres for those who suffer allergies.
Synthetic Quilt : With the ability to easily wash synthetic quilts they are simple to maintain and look after.  Synthetics also retain heat, meaning they are also a great option for winter.
Cotton Quilt : A cotton doona is perfect for summer, regulating your body temperature as it's such a breathable fabric.  
Pillow and Bed Cushions
Your pillow may be more important than you think! It essentially provides your neck and spine with crucial support while ensuring correct alignment while you sleep. 
When selecting a new pillow look at what's available, what caters for your sleep position and of course your general preferences.  As a general rule, softer pillows usually suit a firmer mattress - while firmer pillows suit a softer mattress.

Whether it be selecting the perfect thread count, mattress protector or choosing a supportive pillow, visit your local Bedshed store today where or friendly staff can guide you to a better sleep!

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