Bedding for Winter

winter mattress warmth comfort

It's time to get the warm winter bedding and winter bed sheets out. Traditional bedding made of natural materials and the addition of modern bedding will keep you warm in bed on a cold night. Consider adding layers to your bed:

  • Wool mattress toppers and bed underlays, or an electric mattress topper
  • High thread-count linen bed sheets or cotton bed sheets
  • Mid-weight wool blanket or micro-fibre quilt
  • Feather doonas and down comforters

A few locations in Australia can get quite cold during the winter month's, especially in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, the Dinner Plain region and the Snowy Mountains region. Coastal Australia can also feel quite cold -- even though the temperature may be warmer. Coastal areas around Australia feel cold because the moist air draws more heat from our body than dry air. Combine either humid cold or dry cold nights with wind, and feeling warm in bed can be difficult.

The secret to getting your bed ready for winter is to create loft and trap air in layers above your mattress and around you by layering your bedding. Layering will allow you to adjust how warm you are in bed throughout the night as your bedroom temperature and body temperature changes. For most people, body temperature is naturally the lowest between 2 am and 6 am, which is typically the coldest hours in the bedroom.

The first step is to insulate yourself by using a wool mattress topper. Cover your mattress topper with a high-quality linen or cotton fitted bed sheet and a flat bed sheet. High-thread count, natural fibre bed sheets wick humidity away from your skin and are easier to wash and dry than thick bedding.

Add a middle-weight cotton blanket, mid-weight quilt or micro-fibre blanket. Top the middle-weight layer with a feather doona or down comforter. If you find you are hot or starting to sweat during the night, roll back the top layer of bedding to adjust your temperature. Another trick is to wear socks to bed on the coldest nights. If you find you feel hot in bed, take your socks off.

Those of us with memory foam mattresses or gel layered mattresses gain the comfort and support of the bed technology, but these materials can feel colder and stiffer in the winter. If you have a memory foam mattress or gel layer mattress, you may want to add an electric mattress topper. Pick an electric mattress topper with a timer and only run the electric mattress topper for a short period before you get into bed to soften the memory foam or warm the gel layer on your mattress. Try not to run the electric mattress topper while you are sleeping, because your body needs to be slightly cooler to get restful sleep and excessive heat can cause you to sweat and feel uncomfortable.

Sleep studies show we get deeper sleep in a cooler bedroom and we get the bonus benefit of saving energy. Allow the room to get cool by setting the thermostat or heater to a low temperature. Draw your bedroom curtains or close your bedroom blinds to insulate your room. If wind and drafts are chilling you, consider getting a tradesman to help you seal windows and doors.

We invite you to stop by any Bedshed store to find the best bedding and bed sheets to get your bed ready for the winter.