Bedroom Decorating: Beach House Design

colour bedroom decorating beach

Winter is fast approaching, and when the cold weather sets in, we often find ourselves thinking of warmth and sunshine. This is the time we start planning holidays, flipping through travel catalogues, and circling great getaway deals in anticipation of the glorious summer days that are just beyond the horizon. Rather than dreaming about the summer just gone, how about bringing the sun and the sea straight into the bedroom?

Forget the dark winter days – enjoy the bright colours of spring and summer all through the chilly months! We love the coastal feel of the Palm Beach Bedroom Suite or Ashville Bedroom Suite, with rustic timber frames reminiscent of reclaimed driftwood.

Add to this a set of ocean blue and cloud white linen along with some nautical accents, such as rustic boat oars, dried sponges and corals. Bring tropical patterns into the room with patterns by KAS, Linen House’s Cathie Maney collection, or Linen House’s Vintage Collection. Pale blue or white painted walls help to lighten the bedroom and bring the outdoors right into the heart of your home.

The key to the beach house design is space and light. Don’t clutter the bedroom – keep it clear and open.  Think back to what you love doing most when you’re by the beach – reading a book or magazine, relaxing in a hammock, listening to music or the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Set aside an area where you can imagine you’re back there, a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the still and quiet. This could be a reading area in the corner, or simply a few extra cushions on the bed. Ensure curtains don’t stay closed during the day so that the sunlight has every chance to stream into your gorgeous winter oasis.

Stop by your local Bedshed store to see the Palm Beach bedroom suite and Ashville Bedroom suite for yourself!

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