Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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There have been countless décor, furniture and styling trends over the years. Bedshed’s stylists have spotted a handful of decorating trends for the bedroom that are here to stay. The timeless style and modern themes are easily achieved and look fantastic. Whether it is the crisp black and white monochrome contrasts, charismatic reclaimed furniture or brass, copper and navy blue, there is something for everyone.

Our top 5 bedroom decorating ideas for your master bedroom will provide you with some insights and ideas for redecorating the bedroom and other rooms in your home.  

1. Black & White Monochrome
Black and white is one of the best colour combinations for your home. The classic colour duo easily achieves an elegant stylish looking space with little effort required.  Introduce the black and white monochrome look with new bedding, accessories, artwork or if you are feeling adventurous, paint. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a large sized bedroom we recommend a black feature wall behind the bedhead with adjacent white walls.
If black and white alone isn't for you, try the monochrome look teamed with a bright accent colour, as we have done with Cooma

2. Reclaimed Furniture
Reclaimed furniture and accessories give a plain boring space a bit of charisma and life. Our latest range of reclaimed furniture includes the Lyon and Darcy, both boasting character and versatility. The Lyon, Darcy or kids Darcy in blue are great for the children’s, guest or Master bedrooms. The use of reclaimed furniture and hand painted wood means that no two products look the same.
Reclaimed or recycled furniture and accessories create the perfect shabby chic look throughout your home. Try your local swap meet market or garage sales for antique, feature pieces for any room in your home.

3. Navy & Chrome accessories 
Navy blue and gold, brass or copper accessories are the ultimate pair for luxury and elegance.   The gold brass spices up the old and boring spaces and really pops next to a deep navy blue or black.  If it’s a vintage look you are going for opt for antique brass, or if it’s a more modern look you are after go for the clean copper. Navy and copper look great in the master bedroom but also works really well in other rooms in your home.
Copper and gold can be subtly added to the room with accessories like lamp stands and bases, lighting fixtures, cabinet knobs and handles or even candles holders.  This look works well with our Aspen and Hampton bedroom furniture ranges.

4. Bright accent colour
Don’t be afraid to use bright colours in the master bedroom. A bright painting or floor rug might be all you need to spice up a dull bedroom. 
Our recommendation is to select a nice yellow, orange, blue, green or purple and use it as the feature colour throughout the room.  Be mindful that your colour selection complements existing features of the room such as paint colour and furniture. If it's a bright stand out colour you are opting for ensure that you don't overdo it with too many bright colours and patterns at once.
For inspiration, check out how we have used bright yellow accessories against the Palm Beach Charcoal range. Bright accent colours work well in a contemporary master bedroom as well as a children’s bedroom or playroom.

5. Traditional
Traditional styled bedrooms are elegant and timeless. With classic beds such as the Heritage using traditional and classically designed furniture pieces, teamed with modern and complementary colours works brilliantly and will never be outdated.

We hope you have found our bedroom decorating ideas useful! For more information about our latest furniture ranges please visit your local Bedshed store. Happy Decorating!

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