Bedroom Feng Shui

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Feng shui is an ancient art form of arranging living spaces and it's believed that a sense of balance and harmony in your sleeping space will benefit your personal wellbeing and health.

Unless you are designing a home from scratch, it's near on impossible to adhere by the hundreds of feng shui principles. But it's worth seeing if giving these changes a go has any impact on you and your sleep.

How to create good Feng Shui in your bedroom

1. Bedroom furniture and layout

According to Feng Shui professionals, the layout of your bedroom can affect your sleep. Here's a few tips to make it more 'chill' friendly:

- De-clutter: Organise your bedroom by removing any clutter and getting rid of things you no longer use - it may boost energy levels.
- Artwork: Carefully select artwork for the bedrooms in your home, opting for sensual and soothing pieces rather than anything aggressive or sad.
- Furniture placement: Ideally your bed should be positioned diagonally from the door and against a solid wall.  Ensure that bed heads are not underneath windows and avoid positioning so your feet point out of the door.
- Bedside Tables: Use bedside tables on each side of the bed, as they will help anchor and protect the bed.
- Exercise equipment and work or study areas should be removed for your bedroom or hidden while you sleep.

2. Mirrors

Feng shui professionals have opposing views on mirror use in the bedroom. What they can agree upon is mirrors should not directly face the bed. It is also believed that mirrors may brighten a space, make it more 'awake' and bounce energy around the room - resulting in poor sleep or restlessness. So hang mirrors sparingly.

3. Select relaxing balanced colours and lighting

Lighting can encourage energy and affect our mood. Try a dim or candle lighting. The best colours for your bedroom are the lighter, calming hues like pink, white, blue and purple.

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