Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Are you tired of your bedroom furniture and décor?
Given that we spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room in the house, it’s important to be happy with the way it looks.   Your bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary that reflects your and your partner’s style and interests.
So, whether you’re moving house, renovating, redecorating or just want a change, we are here to help!

How to select your Bedroom Furniture
With so many styles, sizes and shapes to choose from it can be overwhelming to select new bedroom furniture. 
Firstly, measure your bedroom and determine what size furniture is perfect for the space and what furniture is actually necessary.  Bedroom layout is important; if you are dealing with a smaller space look into practical storage solutions along with accessories and colours which will make the room appear bigger. Before you enter a store think about the key features and style you prefer.

Bedshed ‘s latest Bedroom Furniture
Our new and exclusive bedroom furniture ranges boast style and practicality.  With a huge variety of pieces available in store now, the Cooma and Silverline are two products particularly worth checking out.
The Cooma bedroom furniture range (as pictured above), is made of a rough sawn timber giving it a modern yet rustic look.  The clean lines and geometric shape complements a modern or shabby chic bedroom perfectly.   With built in storage and casegood products this range is perfect for those with limited storage space.
If it’s a sleek more contemporary look you’re after, our Silverline range (also pictured above), is made of a brushed timber with silver insert detailing.  The polished yet simplistic furniture can give a plain bedroom a touch of elegance.  The colour and style of the Silverline furniture works with a range of colours and styles.

Visit your local Bedshed store today to see our new & exclusive bedroom ranges, our friendly staff will assist in finding the perfect bedroom furniture for you. Or view some of our latest range online such as: Windsor Day Bed, Capri Queen Size Timber Bed, Millwood King Size Timber Bed, Crusoe King Size Timber Bed, Brookhaven Queen Size Timber Bed, Windsor King Size Timber Bed.

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