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Technology in the Bedroom

Getting ready to move and need new bedroom furniture? Or, ready to update your bedroom with a contemporary, new bedroom suite? At Bedshed, we have years of practice designing bedrooms, and we've noticed how technology has changed the way we use our bedroom. In recent years, entertainment and mobile devices have changed what we need out of our bedroom suites.

Modern bedroom furniture must have safe, easily accessible locations for small electronics. As a culture we are now less likely to have a book, a lamp, and a glass of water on our bedside table. Instead, we are more likely to have a remote, a mobile phone, and somewhere in the room a television, computer, or both. Our electronics are not only in our bedroom, the devices are smaller, and flatter.

Some of the innovative ideas we've added to our bedroom furniture include incorporating flat-screen television storage in the foot of the Tango TV Bed and the Wynn TV Bed. The Wynn TV Bed is the ultimate multi-media experience, incorporating wireless technology with built in surround sound, powered sub-woofer, a USB charger for your smart phone and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to switch between devices. For that extra surround sound experience, pairs of media bedside tables with built in speakers are available to complement both beds.

Storage in the Bedroom

Our bedroom floor space is quite valuable. Having vertical storage, such as the Hampton Bedroom Suite bedside piers, and plenty of storage in the headboard has become a must-have in modern bedroom furniture. For those of us that might still prefer a book in bed, the Benton has a convenient light built into the headboard along with the storage. Both beds have under bed storage, allowing us to reduce the number of furniture pieces crowding the bedroom floor.

Hampton Bedroom Suite
Benton Bedroom Suite

We can have both style and function in our bedroom. Bedshed has bedroom styles that fit a range of design tastes. As our culture has modernised and embraced the new technology in the bedroom, there are a good number of people that long for the texture of classic timber and the lines of contemporary design. And, there's another contrasting group who love the contemporary bedroom with a leather-look, reminiscent of the romance of contemporary European elegance.

Which bedroom furniture design is your must have?

If you regularly watch TV and movies in bed the Wynn TV Bed or Tango TV Bed is for you, catering for you entertainment needs.   Select the Hampton Bedroom Suite to get the rich grains of timber, with contemporary style, and practical space-saving storage. Choose the Benton White Bedroom Suite if you are looking for neutral bedroom furniture that allows you to make easy design changes by simply changing linens and small decor items.

We invite you to take a look at the must-have style and features of our functional bedroom suites at your local Bedshed store.

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