Bedroom Ideas: Decorating with Modern Asian Style

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Everything in the Asian styled bedroom is focused on convenience and comfort.

Asian bedroom designs typically use bright and distinctive colours, soft fabrics, and a vibrant collection of decorative accents. Asian themes often organize and stylise natural elements by using sparse, clean lines. Asian decorating elements often replicate the patterns and designs of flora and fauna in the natural environment.

Bedroom Decorating Concepts

  • Include basic patterns seen in nature, such as leaves, flowers and plants
  • Introduce stylised, linear elements of lush and gorgeous natural scenery, such as a sleek timber bedroom suite, bamboo flooring and textured rice paper screens
  • Translate the feeling of harmony into visual simplicity and minimisation
  • Create focal points that suggest the top of a mountain, the edge of an ocean cliff or a river in a deep forest
  • As an option in a large bedroom, arrange the bedroom furniture in a Feng Shui pattern
  • Incorporate Asian styled bedding and linens

Blending Zen and Earth Concepts into the Asian Styled Bedroom

Think relaxation. Place lighting under the bed and low-hanging pendant lamps that mimic the soothing warmth of the setting sun. Group a small collection of Asian styled accessories made from lacquer, bamboo and wicker to usher in the elements of The East. Bring water elements into the room by introducing a fish tank with mini tosai koi fish or goldfish.

Asian decor can also utilise modern elements, striking shapes and colours. For example, steel tubes with a patina finish and covered with semi-gloss lacquer may give the visual suggestion of bamboo. Create a modern Asian feel by placing the steel tubes in a large vase in the corner of the bedroom. Look for futuristic materials that imitate nature and excite, fascinate and inspire your senses.

Bedshed has several bedroom furniture suites that make a beautiful and functional foundation to your Asian themed bedroom decorating: