Bedroom Renovation As Easy As Moving the Bedroom Furniture

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Would you like to update your bedroom for the spring, but not spend too much time or money on a bedroom renovation? At Bedshed, we recommend changing a few key bedroom furniture pieces, and rearranging the furniture to fit your lifestyle.

Planning your bedroom renovation is the key. You can quickly renovate a bedroom by moving the bed and bedroom furniture to fit how you use your bedroom. On a sunny morning, look at where the windows and doors are. Consider any built in features like a wardrobe, ventilation ducts and lighting fixtures.

Decide on the best location for the biggest pieces of furniture first, such as the bed, tallboy and dresser. When space is a premium, consider bedroom furniture with built-in storage like the Heritage Bedroom Suite. Where a variety of storage solutions are needed consider a bedroom suite with a range of furniture accessories, like the Rimini White, with cleverly matching pieces including a cheval mirror and shelving unit, bookcase, and a desk.

1. Doors: Look at which direction the door swings. Plan to have enough space to open the door and walk around the door when it is moved into any position

2. Windows: Windows can be a source of heat gain, cold air, noise, and unwanted light at night. Place the bed in a location far enough away from the window to ensure comfort. Make sure the bed or other large pieces of bedroom furniture like the tallboy or dresser do not make it hard to open or close a window or window blinds.

3. Ventilation ducts: Turn on the fan, heater or air conditioner and feel direction that the flow of air moves. Move the bed to a location where the ventilation is comfortable, when practical.

4. Built-in wardrobes: For bedrooms that have built in wardrobes, think about how you will access the wardrobe and consider putting other clothing storage pieces within arms reach of access to the wardrobe. Having the tall boy next to the built in wardrobe will make getting dressed in the morning, or putting away clean laundry, easier.

5. Access to drawers and storage: Pull open a drawer or open the door on your furniture. Role play placing an item into and out of the storage space. Set the furniture location so you can reach into the storage space at a comfortable angle. Plan the furniture placement to prevent frequently opening and closing the drawer or door to access the storage space or another adjacent drawer or door.

6. Vibration: Walls can conduct noise. When a bedroom is located near a garage or hallway, the noise of people accessing the adjacent areas may wake us. Consider moving the bed at least a hands-width away from a wall that could conduct noise.

A quick bedroom renovation in a large room can range from moving the bed to a different wall to changing the bed layout from a symmetrical bedroom furniture arrangement to a slightly asymmetrical or diagonal layout. The symmetrical layout of bedside tables and a bed can give a room a more formal feel and can be more functional when sleeping with a partner.

Looking for a refreshing, vibrant layout for your bedroom? Try moving the rectangular and linear furniture and decor on an angle. Place a boldly coloured floor rug at an angle to the walls and place the bed away from the wall at a slight angle to the rug.

Sometimes a room can become cluttered with furniture and decorations. Unsure about a piece of bedroom furniture? 'When in doubt, take it out.' Remove a piece of bedroom furniture from the room and store it for two weeks. If the bedroom is functional and comfortable without the piece, leave it out. If you want the furniture piece back, consider removing a different piece of bedroom furniture for two weeks.

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