Beds: How Useful is that Headboard?

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Beds and bedroom furniture have evolved over the decades to fit our lifestyle. Take a good look at your headboard; how useful is your headboard? What do you do in bed and what would make your bed more functional?

At Bedshed, we'd like to suggest some functional beds and headboards. We design our bedroom furniture with practical, built-in storage that fits our modern bedroom lifestyles. The Benton Bed, includes overhead lighting included in the headboard along with clever storage solutions.

The Hampton Bed is the ultimate of bedding storage with four under bed drawers and a bookcase within the headboard.  This is so practical for rooms which are a little smaller and have limited storage space.

The Olivia and Jackson children’s beds conveniently provide a bookshelf and bedhead storage within their headboards, providing that bit of additional storage space for winter bedding and childrens books.

Bedrooms are also now used as a place to relax and enjoy entertainment. Our new Wynn TV Bed with smart blue-tooth connectivity, built in USB chargers and places to nestle away game consoles, mobile phones, DVD players, stereos and electronics.

You can also add accessories to your headboard and bedside table to make access to bedroom items convenient. Don't forget that you want to consider who is using the bed and how to keep the bed safe and comfortable. Avoiding placing glass items, such as glass picture frames, fragile collectables, glass bulbs where the item might get broken when a person tosses or turns in bed. Keep cords neatly tucked away or held down, so you, your child or partner don't get tangled in the cord while in bed or the cord doesn't pull an electronic device onto your head while you are in bed.

To help gather books or small, convenient items, you can use a soft fabric basket in the headboard. Keep water in a sealed, shatter-proof sports bottle and keep the water on the lowest headboard storage shelf or on the bedside table. When decorating with pictures in your headboard storage, use a soft picture frame or picture book that isn't too heavy and doesn't have pointy corners.

LED lights and the glow from electronics can disturb your sleep. Consider placing electronics that emit light into a closed shelf, drawer or basket in the bed storage or bedside table to prevent the light from disrupting your sleep. For those of us that get hot at night, there are small, quiet, clip on fans that can be clamped to a shelf in the headboard. Be sure to clamp the fan and tie down the cord in a place that you won't get caught in when you sit up in bed, get into bed or out of bed.

Never place candles in the headboard storage nor place burning items on the bedside table. Linens and pillows can easy catch the flame. Instead use a battery powered light shaped like a candle to decorate your bed or bedroom. You might also enjoy a short string of LED bud lights, like the lights used to decorate a tree. Place the on-off switch within arms reach of your bed. Or, find great battery powered, decorative lights that make a comforting night light.

What items do you most like beside your bed? What ideas do you use to make the most of your headboard storage?

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