Bedside Table : The Buyers Guide

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When it comes to bedroom furniture there are a few necessities no bedroom should go without. With number one obviously being your bed and mattress we would rate the second most crucial piece as the bedside table.  Although it's probably the smallest piece in the room, no one should be deprived of the essential storage and uses it offers.

We all want furniture which is going to match and complement existing styles in the room and provide us with a convenient space for whatever the purpose is.  With bedside tables it's important to consider the following factors:
- Style:  Does the shape, material, texture and colour match everything else in the bedroom?
- Size:  Is the bedside table over or undersized in comparison with your room and other    pieces of furniture?
- Surface area: Is the table top too big or small for your needs?
- Storage: What do you use your bedside table for? Do you require drawers or open shelving?
- Material: Does the material of the bedside table suit your lifestyle? Child's finger prints all over a glass top table, think about it! 

The four following bedside tables will provide you with some guidance on addressing the points above.

1. Rimini White Bedside Table
The Rimini White Bedside table is a sleek contemporary piece. With a glass surface top, white finish and silver drawer handles, the bedside table is a clean and simple yet classy item.   With dimensions of L: 550 x W: 450 x H:441, the table is relatively low and is perfect for those slightly lower bed frames.  The bedside is also available in chocolate giving it a different look which will complement the darker wooden furniture.  

2. Sorrento Bedside Table
The Sorrento Bedside (L:650 x W:450 x H: 550) is constructed from solid and veneer chestnut timber , this two drawer table is a classical piece. The beauty of this bedside table is it generally complements most styles of rooms from contemporary furniture through to vintage and traditional style pieces.  The chrome handle finish allows you to incorporate it with more modern pieces of furniture, giving a lovely contrast with the timber finish. This bedside table looks great against lighter coloured paint hues and with higher dimensions it will suit a higher bed frame.
Tip: Your bedside table should match the height of your bed, we recommend going no higher than 15 centimetres.

3. Aspen Bedside Table
The Aspen Bedside table (L:610 x W:450 x H:555 ) has a striking rough sawn timber finish. Its rustic looks give it a Mediterranean feel perfect on dark wooden floors and against dark feature walls.   The bedside table has a larger than average surface area, so is perfect for those who appreciate that bit of extra space for picture frames, alarm clocks and lamps.

4. Reflections Bedside Table
The Reflections bedside table (L:420 x W:600 x H:550) boasts a classic mahogany-look finish, black inserts with chrome ends and drawer handle. Its one drawer and open top space allows room to display your favourite books, alarm clock or tissues. This bedside table also features a built in LED light.  The geometric appearance of this bedside with a combination of its dark wooden exterior complements a range of modern, contemporary style looks.
Tip: Mixing and matching furniture can be a hard task, they don’t necessarily have to be the same colour or shape but things to keep in mind are the textures, style and balance.      

Whether you enjoy contemporary furniture or those traditional classical styles, there is a bedside table at your local Bedshed store suitable for your use and style needs. We stock a range of bedroom suites with the option to select matching bedside tables, tallboys, dressing tables and beds.
We hope our tips have guided you in the perfect direction for the choice and purchase of the best night stand. Happy Shopping! 

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