Keep your bedroom warm over the winter months

It’s important to keep warm over these chilly winter months, particularly at night when staying warm is part and parcel with getting a good night's sleep. Here are nine winter warmer tips to keep you and your bedroom cosy through the cold winter nights.

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–Choosing the Right Pillow

At Bedshed, we’d like to banter with you about our favourite pillows. A good pillow makes a difference; the wrong pillow can cause restless sleep and an achy body. Switching to a pillow that is designed to align the spine and better support the neck and head may reduce, or eliminate, minor sleep discomfort.

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Sheets! Storing Winter Bedding and Linen

The arrival of spring means packing away the winter sheets and woollies, including our warm blankets and linen. Since we may not use these items for up to six months, we need to make sure they’re protected and ready to use as soon as the weather turns cold again. Here are some ideas on how to store loowinter linen.

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