Cleaning a Kids Room - ‘Maid’ Easy

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Is there a way to get kids to clean their bedroom? Believe it or not we have found some ways to make them actually enjoy cleaning! Here are some practical spring cleaning tips for your child’s bedroom.

Find ways to prevent procrastination. Have some good music and a check-list to create a happy mood and keep on-task while cleaning the bedroom. Kids of all ages seem to have a 30 to 45 minute attention span if you are lucky.  Ask your son or daughter to pick fun music to listen to. Make a deal with your child to spend the full time in their bedroom cleaning with you. Make a game of cleaning up. Toss plush toys into the toy box. Try picking up small items like socks with your toes.

De-clutter the room by picking up the big items first. Getting the big items out of the way will give you a sense of accomplishment. If the room is really messy or there are multiple rooms to clean, break the cleaning into a few hours each day over multiple days. Use the check-list to stay on-task, because we often get distracted or bored while cleaning a room.

Tidy-up the room quickly using:
1. A toy box is your best tool, don't worry about sorting toys, place any play items in the toy box
2. Fill the laundry basket with all clothing that is loose in the room, clean or dirty it's easier to rewash and put away in one go
3. Have a large trash bag or box for loose papers, books and notebooks, sort through the box later
4. Use an empty laundry basket or box for items that belong in another room, like sports gear or water bottles

Wash and store winter linen and sheets:
1. Change the bed sheets and winter linens (see our tips for storing winter linen)
2. Use the pillow case like a laundry bag - remove sheets from the bed and stuff the sheets into one of the pillow cases
3. Pile up winter quilts and winter doonas and carry these to another room to be aired and cleaned
4. Use a clean set of pillow protectors, especially if your child is prone to spring allergies
5. When possible, choose spring bedding and quilts that can be layered on the bed, but do not need to be tucked in

Spring cleaning after the room is tidied up:
1. If kids are young, set up a place for them to play in another room
2. If your children are old enough to help, teach them how!
3. Move kids’ furniture away from the wall, when practical
4. Dust first including sides and backs of furniture
5. Remove cobwebs with a dustpan brush, a duster or broom
6. Clean rugs and carpets with a vacuum
7. If there's a hardwood floor, roll up any area rugs, sweep and mop
8. Move the bedroom furniture back into place

Take a picture of the clean bedroom and offer your young ones rewards for keeping their bedrooms clean or for cleaning themselves. Happy Spring Cleaning All!

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