Creating Your Own 5 Star Bedding Cloud

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Creating Your Own 5 Star Bedding Cloud

Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel and wondered how they have created a sleeping experience that is like floating in a soft, fluffy white cloud? Well, the secret is out. You can create your own luxury hotel experience at home.  There are 4 essential ingredients.

The first is a good quality mattress that contours and moulds to your body.  The mattress must be neither too soft, allowing excessive curvature of the spine, or too hard so that there is not enough contours for the body. Bedshed have a range of technologies from pocket springs to memory foam to gel. The mattresses are finished in a variety of luxurious comfort layers so you can find your perfect match.

The second ingredient is a feather or down doona. This provides the weightless, temperate cocoon surround frequently experienced in luxury hotels.

The third ingredient is good quality natural linen. Cotton is a good choice and we suggest selecting a high thread count to truly create a sense of indulgence.

Finally, the fourth and secret ingredient is a luxury mattress topper. The mattress topper creates a sense of suspended weightlessness that completes the cocoon experience.  While there is a strong feeling of softness, your body is supported by the composition and construction of your quality mattress.

Come in and talk to any Bedshed staff member about creating your own 5 star cloud.