Dad’s Ideal Bedroom

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The three essentials for furnishing any bedroom are comfort, style and functionality. With Father’s Day coming up, we know that Dad’s bedroom is no exception. However with kids, work and a household to manage, Dad doesn’t always get around to upgrading or renovating his own bedroom.

Here are some ideas to help turn Dad’s bedroom into a place where he can relax in style, and maybe even have some fun along the way!


Dad deserves a great night’s sleep and a really comfortable mattress. Mattress size and technology do matter, because a restful night’s sleep is hard to achieve if the bed is too small or doesn’t provide the right support. Our friendly Bedshed staff can help Dad select the best mattress for his sleep needs. Dad might even like the innovative Contempo Duo mattress; it is firm on one side and soft on the other side - in case Mom and Dad like different mattress feels.

Our other favourite is Beautyrest World Class mattress which features revolutionary technology to ensure no partner disturbance! So if Dad tosses and turns a lot at night Mum can be ensured a good night sleep!


The colours and motifs for Dad’s bedroom should reflect his personal taste. If he needs help deciding, try matching earthy colours like reds, browns and ochres with hints of sky blue or olive green and avoid visual clutter. Go for bold artwork with clean lines, and simple-block colours for curtains, rather than patterns or prints. Include some other useful items, like a lamp, a washing basket, a rug and a mirror with a simple frame.


Give Dad a functional bedroom with with smart storage. Come into Bedshed to choose from furniture with combined features, such as the Beethoven bed. This bed houses an entertainment system – all Dad needs to do is push a button and his 32” TV rises from the foot of the bed. Whoever said bedrooms can’t be fun?