Decorating Tips for Newlyweds and Couples

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How hard is it for newlyweds or couples to agree on bedroom furniture and decorating the master bedroom? We've been amused over the last several weeks watching the married couples and teams competing in The Block home renovation reality show! We'd like to add some practical suggestions for newlyweds.

1. Have fun - make sure that both of you want to be part of the bedroom design project and enjoy spending time researching, planning and finishing the bedroom.

2. Talk about what you do in the bedroom - consider adding features like a desk, dressing mirror or television storage. Think about where lighting and power outlets may need to go.

3. Plan - draw your bedroom walls, doors and windows on a large sheet of paper and plan furniture using Post-it notes in the size of the larger bedroom furniture pieces. Think about where natural light from windows and door swings and the space needed to open drawers is needed.

4. Review the plan for lighting, storage and usability - put the plan on your current bedroom wall and look at it over several days. Do you need more light because the bedroom is dark when you wake or go to bed? How much space do you need for clothes, laundry, books or bags? What else do you use the bedroom for?

5. Allow for a cooling down period - buying a furniture set and spending the time to renovate a bedroom is a big investment. Let the idea sit for two weeks to allow the excitement to subside and give yourself time to commit to the change.

6. Quality and function should be priority - don't choose bedroom furniture and bedroom decor based on price alone. Consider furniture that will be useful during the next five and next ten years. Opt for more durable and quality furniture that looks good for years.

7. Go for neutral colors and moderate the use of patterns - increase the lifespan of your bedroom design and reduce potential friction between you and your partner by opting for neutral colors or fewer patterns. Keep the bedroom peaceful and the bedroom design focused around a wall or piece of furniture.

8. Prioritise and add decorative pieces in phases - avoid visual clutter and decorating confusion. Buy your basic bedroom furniture set first, including the appropriate sized bed, bedroom dresser, tallboy, bedside and storage. Prioritise lighting, functionality and comfort. Add the smaller decorative pieces over time and avoid cluttering surfaces with lots of little pieces.

9. Take turns - if both partners have strong opinions, take turns on choices. Maybe one partner chooses a timber furniture set and the other partner selects the flooring and wall colours.

10. When in doubt leave it out - one of you loves it and one of you hates it. Neither one of you is willing to take turns or compromise.

Or, both of you are not quite sure. Leave the uncertain pieces of your design out. Find a different piece that excites you in the future.

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