DIY Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

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Earlier this month we looked at 'School Holidays: Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas'. Now, it’s time to declutter and prepare for the next school term!  Here are some easy DIY bedroom storage ideas that you can do with your kids to organise their belongings and clean their room.

DIY Toy Storage
Collapsible laundry baskets make great storage for plush animals and sports equipment.
Personalise your toy storage solution with a few, easy do-it-yourself decorations. The mesh netting on some laundry baskets is open enough to allow ribbons or decorative wool to be pushed through the holes. With the long pieces of ribbon or wool facing the outside of the basket, tie on artificial flowers for girls or unused toy soldiers or small action figures for boys. If the mesh on the basket is too fine, use double-stick foam tape (available at many $2 shops and hardware stores) and stick felt faces or shapes to the basket.
Even small toys and crafts can clutter a room. Small toys and beads like mini-toy cars or small pet collectables can be stored in a box filled with empty toilet paper rolls. Find a shoebox and stack the toilet rolls horizontally and vertically to form a rows. Once the shoebox is full, tilt it on end and park the cars or small collectables.
Storage ideas don't have to be elaborate. Girls may enjoy collecting several old purses and storing small dress up items, craft supplies, or small collectables. Boys may like the convenience of storing bricks and blocks in reusable shopping bags. The handles make the decluttering process easier and the bags can be hung by the handles on door hooks or door knobs.

DIY Shoe Storage
Many kids aren't very excited about storing their shoes, so make keeping shoes together and decluttering the floor easier by using a large colourful, foldable plastic garden bucket. Place the shoe storage bucket in a location near the door, the wardrobe or bathroom where kids can throw their shoes. The plastic bucket will keep damp or muddy shoes from sitting on the carpet. The plastic bucket is also a great shoe storage solution, because it has a little more weight than the collapsible laundry basket. The bucket might help ensure that the shoes are gathered up and not cluttering the floor or becoming clutter under the bed.

DIY Clothing Storage
Tiny clothes for younger kids are harder to store than larger clothes for grown kids. Don't fuss with trying to find a wardrobe with a low bar, small clothing hangers and tiny storage solutions; instead use square canvas or square wicker baskets in the wardrobe or along the wall. Together with your kids create tags with images or words describing the contents of each basket. Reduce the clutter of small, hard to fold items like socks and underwear are great items for baskets. Baskets and canvas boxes are also an ideal storage solution for knit or synthetic fabrics that do not wrinkle.
Use hanging, collapsible canvas wardrobe organisers with canvas shelves to store items that are out of season, putting summer items like singlets and swimwear up out of reach and seasonal items like sweaters jumpers in the lower sections of the organiser.

Built-In Hidden Storage
In addition to DIY storage, Bedshed has a number of great storage solutions that make a good foundation for hiding the clutter. Bedshed's Benton and Rimini beds come with built-in storage solutions -- drawers at the floor level under the bed. These low drawers are easily accessible to kids of all ages and are excellent for toy storage.

Keep in mind, that as kids gets older, the type of clutter changes. Look at Bedshed's Josh, Alexia and Benton beds for small item storage ideas. The headboards of both beds have clever storage solutions for tucking away a few books, toys and small electronics.
As kids grow into teens, the hidden storage should change to meet their needs. Tweens and teens can benefit from storage accessories, like the Rimini bedroom suite's cheval mirror and shelving unit, leaning bookshelf, and desk and hutch.

Come into any Bedshed store to see how these storage solutions will help declutter your kid's Bedroom.


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