Dreamsense: Buy mattresses online

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You can buy just about anything online these days—groceries, make-up, clothes, toys, electronics—being able to pick up your favourite things at the click of a button has made our busy lives easier.

But what about those big ticket items? There are now more options than ever through our Dreamsense Click & Collect website. You simply choose any mattress from our Dreamsense range, select your nearest Bedshed store and either collect it yourself the very next day or have it conveniently delivered.

You don’t need to break your budget either. You can be sleeping on a comfy, new mattress at affordable prices to suit your lifestyle—and there’s plenty of options to choose from for those that like variety.

Want value for money and minimal fuss? The ‘Support’ mattress is for those who are happy with the basics.

Looking for something that’ll offer a bit more lower back support? Try the ‘Chiropractic’. And for those who crave luxury without the price tag to match, there’s the ‘Serenity’.

So who would buy a mattress online?

Let’s ask Lina Sadek. One of the first in WA to buy through our Click & Collect service, she’s all smiles about her new Dreamsense mattress. So much so, she bought them for her whole family. They recently moved into their new home in Cannington, WA and she’s decked out all of their bedrooms with Dreamsense mattresses.

A mum of three, Lina works full time and her husband works away, making it difficult for her to find time to get into a store to pick out a mattress. “It was more of a time thing for me,” Lina says. “Not being able to get into a store, I had to find something that was going to be quick and easy.”

“I was on the internet having a look and I saw the Click & Collect option. I didn’t think it could be that easy, but actually it was. It was instant; I got a phone call in 10 minutes confirming my order, with the option of picking up the next day.

“I loved how it was ready to go. There’s no waiting period for your mattresses, which is sometimes an issue when you buy at other furniture stores.”

Lina recommended the service to her friends, but admits she’s had a few people unsure about buying a mattress online. “There were a few who questioned buying something like this online,” she says. “But Bedshed are a trusted brand and the options for mattress types made it really simple.”

Want to learn more?

“Customers buying habits have changed dramatically in recent years and as retailers we need to adapt,” Bedshed general manager Gavin Culmsee told FB Magazine Online recently. “We’ve been somewhat insulated from the challenge online shopping has posed for many retailers due to the nature of a bed purchase.

“We have been encouraged by strong demand from customers during the initial launch phase.”

To get hold of your own Dreamsense mattress, you just need to follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Go to dreamsense.com.au.
2. Pick your perfect mattress.
3. Select your closest store.
4. Choose a date and time for collection or delivery.
5. Collect and pay in-store or get your mattress delivered to your door.

Why not have a look just how easy it is for yourself at dreamsense.com.au?