Easy Kids Theme Bedrooms

bedshed kids decrating sheets

Kids grow up quickly and we are often looking for ways to keep up with their tastes, as they grow older. We want to indulge our young children (3 to 12 years old) in their favourite themes of fairies, pirates, airplanes or princesses, but we don't want the burden of an extreme renovation. Often our child's favourite toys and activities change so quickly, keeping up with a theme is difficult and can often be expensive.

Here are some easy tips for saving money and decorating a fun and functional kids' theme bedroom.

Start with quality furniture that will accommodate your child for many years as they grow. A neutral bedroom suite is great value because the bedroom around the suite can be decorated and redecorated without purchasing new furniture. Build a theme room around a single bed, king single bed or bunk bed.

Our favourites are the Alexia and Josh beds from Bedshed. Available in white and chestnut, with a range of mix and match casegoods from bedsides and tallboys, to desks and wall units, they are practical and can grow with your child's needs.

Plan the furniture so the only major expense is replacing the mattress every 5 years as your child grows. Pick a comfortable, durable mattresses designed specifically for children.

Versatile and Functional

What theme does your child love? There are a number of neutral bedroom suites that complement any theme.

  • Pirate and Jungle themes - Dark timber furniture
  • Fairy, Princess, Mermaid, Fish, Aeroplane or Space themes - White furniture
  • Sports, Music or TV themes - Light timber or upholstered furniture

When choosing bedroom furniture, take advantage of under-bed drawers or headboard storage. Opt for extra storage, such as an additional dresser, tallboy or bookcase to allow comfortable organisation instead of overflowing drawers or packed shelves. Getting rid of the clutter will keep the focus on the bedroom theme and make the room more functional.

As you size the furniture pieces, consider how much space is needed to move around the bedroom, get to doors, built in wardrobes or windows.

Quality Linens and Quilts

Get creative with the linens and quilts. Select youthful prints or solid colours to build up a theme.

  • Pirate, Nautical or Outer space theme - Dark blue linens to suggest water, or Gone Fishing by Linen House Hiccups
  • Fish, Mermaid or Aeroplane themes - Light blue and white linens
  • Princess or Fairy themes – Pastel greens and pinks, or Hello Hello by Linen House Hiccups
  • Sports themes – Use solid colours with one of the team colours in a quilt and another colour in the linens and pillow cases

Playful Decorative Accessories

Before you pick decorative accessories, sit on the floor where your child is most likely to play and look around the room. Note how high your child can reach and see.

Plan your decorative pieces to be at their eye-level and near their play area. You can find a variety of decorative additions, many of which can be reused for future themes.

  • Sports – A collapsible fabric-laundry hamper in team colours or white mesh is great for holding balls, sports equipment
  • Space or Fish – Shiny or metallic pillows, two to three small round rugs, circle or dot
  • Airplanes – A retro suitcase or two with mock baggage tags, can be used for storage as well as feature decoration
  • Fairy or Princess - A mosquito net and artificial flowers tied with ribbons, tie colourful ribbons on dresser knobs

Practical Considerations

1.) Make re-decorating easy.

Focus patterns and colours around one part of the room, instead of all over the room. Grouping the theme in this way will also make redecorating quicker and less expensive.

2.) Think about lighting as you lay out the bedroom.

Remember to have ample light for playing, reading or studying. You could consider built-in lighting, like the headboard in the Benton bedroom suite.

3.) Include your child in the decorating process.

If your child is old enough, help them use their books and toys as decorations. Make up fun displays by facing-out covers and using toys to create scenes around a book.

4.) Feel good about keeping your budget small.

Buy only two to four decorative accessories at a time. Over several months, watch how your child plays in the bedroom and move decorations to fit their play. When your child outgrows a theme, look for ways to reuse lighting and decorations that are in good condition.

5.) Create a visual appeal.

Create a patterned-style by lining-up and repeating a pattern. For example, add a row of 3 to 8 jungle animals along the wall just above arm height and easily within your child's view.

6.) Keep the room functional.

As children get older, limit the number of decorative items placed on top of dressers and tallboys. Allow the furniture to be used for schoolbooks, workspace or electronics. Older children also need some space to set down clothes, books or items that are being sorted and put away.