En-suite design ideas for your Master Bedroom

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Is it time you gave your Master Bedroom and En-suite a facelift? When it comes to deciding on the décor for your En-suite it’s often a difficult task, given that the Bathroom is attached to the Master Bedroom you want consistency without the rooms being too ‘matchy-matchy’. The overall colour and style of the Bathroom should happily complement the décor of Bedroom, the easiest way to do this is to pick an accent colour from your bed linen and continue with a similar hue through to the Bathroom.  Your En-suite is a private area and one which should reflect your personal style while adding character, so have fun with it! Read our following tips to achieve a simple and affordable Bathroom makeover!

Paint colour:  Bathrooms should be a particularly calming and relaxing environment, the best way to achieve this is with the use of soft coloured neutral hues.  The colours you use in such a small space will influence the look and overall size of the room.  Soft neutral colours can give an illusion of more space. Tip: Make your ceiling appear higher by painting the ceiling and walls of the room the same colour.  Read our article ‘Paint Colours that make rooms look bigger’ for further tips on making the correct paint selection for your En-suite.

Mirrors:  Mirrors are essential for every Bathroom – not only for our personal use but also to create the illusion of a bigger space.  The bigger the mirror the better! And by adding a fixed light behind the mirror it will also make the mirror appear larger and consequently the room.  The Rimini Cheval Mirror and Shelving Unit is the perfect way to create consistency in décor from your Master Bedroom through to the En-suite, the mirror and shelving in one piece is also a brilliant space saver.

Lighting:  If you can get away with natural lighting while maintaining your privacy – do it! Natural lighting enhances the overall look and size of the room.  However if natural lighting is not an option the next best thing is halogen down lights, this strong artificial light will really bring the space to life.

Linen: Towels, bath mats and hand towels are a brilliant way to add colour to the Bathroom and is also a simple way to continue a colour theme through from your Master Bedroom.  Use a complementary colour and pattern to create a relationship between the linen, it is however important to avoid using the exact colours and patterns throughout both spaces.   Tip: take advantage of the open space shelving by storing your rolled bath towels here, it will give your En-suite a hotel / day spa feel. 

Decorations:   Any room can be brought to life with the appropriate use of Bathroom accessories – the best for a Bathroom include flowers (real or fake) or feathers in a vase, scented oils and oil burners, candles, indoor plants, wall art, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.  The items will assist you in creating consistency in style between the two joining rooms, for example if your Master Bedroom has contemporary décor continue this through to the En-suite.  Once again ensure that the colours have some kind of correlation with that in the Master Bedroom.

Keep it tidy:  Simplicity and tidiness is the key to any room but particularly relevant for the Bathrooms in your home, which are generally the smallest rooms. It’s easy to conserve space in the Bathroom with things such as shower storage hangers, keeping hair and skin care products off your shower floor. Laundry baskets are a good Bathroom space saver - while keeping dirty clothes and linen off the ground they can also add to your décor. If you are lacking essential storage space in your Bathroom look at our Rimini Leaning Bookcase, the open storage space is perfect for linen, beauty products and candles.

These budget friendly Bathroom design ideas will allow you to redecorate your Bathroom without damaging your bank account! Always remember to follow what you love and enjoy decorating!

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