Fathers Day Nap Cheat Sheet

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On Sunday September 1, Bedshed wants to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s out there. Why not celebrate with a nap? Naps work wonders for the body and mind. Taking a nap is easier than you think.

Here's a Fathers Day nap cheat sheet:

1. The best naps are late in the day between lunch and dinner
2. Naps are most useful before a stressful or physical event
3. Laying down flat takes the load off
4. Nap on a comfortable, soft surface
5. Sleep in a cool place and use a light blanket
6. The best nap spot is dark and quiet
7. Nap for 20 to 40 minutes
8. Ask someone to wake you or set an alarm to avoid sleeping too long
9. It's OK to nap more than once in a day if you are sleep deprived
10. Napping is more beneficial the older we get
11. Allow time for a mental transition before and after the nap

Nap, Sleep, Hibernate!

So, what is the difference between napping, sleeping and hibernating?

Napping is short, intermittent periods of sleep, typically under 40 minutes where the body does not go into the late stages of sleep. While naps are beneficial, they are not essential.

Sleeping is essential to our health. Even when napping, all adults (and especially dad) should to get approximately seven to nine consecutive hours of sleep. Sleep allows for a cycle of hormones and chemicals in the brain and body to repair and replenish our cells. Sleep has several stages: transition into sleep, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Each stage will benefit our mood and physical health.

Hibernation is a state of minimal body function that some animals (not humans) use to get through seasonal periods of extreme conditions. Mammals like bears and reptiles like lizards can survive with a lowered body temperature, and minimal respiratory and circulatory activity. Animals that can hibernate do not need to eat during hibernation.

Now, some of us have a Dad who seems to hibernate. He climbs into bed on a holiday weekend and wakes up for lunch the next day. Well, technically that's not hibernating. And, that's not even sleep followed by a nap. That's spending the day in bed! Watch our Bedshed blog, because we'd like you to join us for the Stay in Bed Day, coming soon!


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