Framed Art - 5 Steps to Hanging Art in the Bedroom

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Framed art can turn a bedroom into your private art gallery. Change your framed art seasonally, like changing the show at an art gallery. Or, create a permanent art gallery exhibit of framed art that is meaningful to you. Before hanging any art, consider how the art fits into the bedroom space:

1. Focus - pick the wall to feature artwork
2. Size - select one large piece, or several small pieces, but don't mix too many
3. Colour - work with complementary collections of colours and patterns
4. Feel - choose relaxing, or soothing designs or images
5. Lighting - find artwork that is pleasant in daylight, artificial light, and dim light

Inside Framed Art
Artwork is a window to thoughts, feelings, and moods. When choosing framed art for the bedroom, consider not only what each individual picture says, but how the meanings, and colours relate to each other.
Look for inspiration from your favourite art gallery. Do you like framed photographs, minimalist paintings, simplicity, landscapes, or emotional depth when you go to an art gallery? Think about why framed art is grouped together in an exhibit, and do the same in your bedroom art gallery.

Small Bedroom Versus Large Gallery
Art galleries are typically designed to be large, open spaces where a person can stand back from a painting, or art. To avoid being overwhelmed by artwork in a small space, choose only one wall to display your framed art.
Large art, or bold art should often stand alone on a wall. Large framed art, or a large unframed piece often fits best on a solid wall with no doors, or windows. An ideal wall for a large piece of framed art is opposite a door.

Avoid the temptation to put too many small-framed art pieces onto a wall, when working with smaller pieces of framed art. The best frames for small art have a similar style, and reduce a chaotic look to a bedroom art gallery.

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