Gift Idea List with a Sleep Theme

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We have some favourite last minute gift ideas, for the most important people in our families! Here are Bedshed's top-10 practical, fun, and fantastic gift ideas with a sleep theme.

Practical, Fun, and Fantastic Family Gift Ideas
10. A Tempur pillow - a fantastic gift idea for the VIP in the family who has a sore neck, or bad back and deserves the best sleep.

9. A Technogel pillow -  A fantastic gift idea for the hot sleeper, and great summer relief

8. A wireless power outlet adapter - a fun gift idea for the family member who doesn't want to get up to switch on or off electronics and lamps

7. "SleepPhones" - headphones that can be worn to bed; a practical gift idea for the family member who listens to news, audiobooks, or podcasts to get to sleep

6. Eye masks - a funny stocking stuffer gift idea that is inexpensive, small, and no batteries required

5. A new quilt cover and linen set - a fantastic gift idea you buy for yourself - especially when you've been good all year

4. A Bluetooth remote control app - a fun iPhone or Android gift for the entertainment guru with a Wynn TV Bed, or Tango TV Bed

3. A night light - a fantastic gift idea for younger family members who enjoy the comfort of a little light during the dark night

2. A family picture for the bedroom - a sentimental, and practical gift idea to be passed on, and displayed with the bedroom decor

1. Christmas eve in bed together - pile everyone into bed to read a Christmas story, watch a holiday movie, or just relax before Santa arrives

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