Holiday Insomnia

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Don’t let the holidays leave you exhausted, and struggling with insomnia! Some causes of insomnia during the holidays include:

1. Emotional stress
2. Travel
3. Overeating, caffeine, and alcohol
4. Exercise, and over-exposure to the sun

For some of us, the stress of dealing with in-laws, siblings, and family can cause quite a bit of stress. Combine that emotional stress with travel, and a change in routine and you might find yourself wide-awake at night. Even without travel, hosting guests at your home during the holidays can bring on late nights, or early mornings, as you adjust to the extra guests in your home. Being too tired, compounded by stress can make it harder to get to sleep!

Get relief from holiday insomnia by reducing, or avoiding caffeine, and alcohol after lunch, or at least several hours before going to sleep. Be careful to manage how much you eat, because overeating can put extra stress on your digestive system. Watch out for holiday foods that are rich, or acidic. There are many holiday delights that irritate some stomachs. Add 20 to 40 minute naps in the afternoon during sleepless spells. Naps can help your body recover.

There are some people who wait for the holiday season to get those long bike tours, walking long trails, or the extra days of surfing in. "Weekend warriors" and "holiday warriors" may have difficulty sleeping due to discomfort from fatigue, or over-exercising. Protect yourself while working out. Sunburn, chafing, even mosquito bites may contribute to a restless night. Most healthy bodies benefit from one to two days of recovery, or very light activity after an intense day of exercise.

Put holiday insomnia to bed! Eat, travel, relax, and enjoy.

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