How Do Sports Fans Sleep?

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Did you travel to Melbourne see the AFL Grand Final this weekend? At Bedshed, we’ve taken notice of everything from luxurious hotel beds to how sleep effects athletes. We got to thinking, how does travel effect sports fans and their sleep?

When we travel to support our team we may be predisposed to a little too much sun and a bit too much to drink. The first tip for sports fans is to get plenty of water and to avoid or limit items that disrupt our body like caffeine, alcohol or tobacco.

When outside, not only wear a hat and sunblock, but also get into the shade and cool down whenever you can. Some sun exposure helps our natural waking-sleeping cycle (our circadian rhythm), but too much sun compounds dehydration and stresses our bodies. This stress can cause us to sleep restlessly or wake frequently.

A sports fans sleepless night doesn’t stop there; you may be up all night celebrating in ‘a city that never sleeps.’ We should set aside a night for recovery sleep the day before we travel home. If possible, we should not drive during the night or early in the morning. It’s best to let our bodies get more sleep the night before traveling home and to drive during midday when you are most likely to be alert.

Recovering from the fun may be stressful when you return home.  While sleeping in late on vacation is a nice way to compensate for the prior night’s festivities, we’ll want to give our bodies time to gradually readjust to our work-sleep routine. It may take few days to transition back into our usual routine, try these ideas:

  • Getting a 30 min walk or moderate exercise during the day and not working out after dinner
  • Eating lighter foods at dinner and eating at least 1-2 hours before laying down
  • Reducing or eliminating caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages over a couple days, especially avoiding these beverages late in the day
  • Gradually moving your bedtime 30 min earlier over several days until your body is used to your sleep hours during a work week

Don’t worry – with these tips you’ll be ready for the Bathurst V8 Supercars this coming week!