How to Choose a Mattress That Is Right for You

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A mattress should be chosen based on comfort and your budget.

To find a mattress that's comfortable, simply try lying on as many as possible! Stores such as Bedshed are happy for customers to lie down and test mattresses for comfort. Our Bedshed’s sales staff can assist you in identifying the features that make a mattress right for you.

There’s a lot of choice too, with many alternative manufacturers and styles. Each will incorporate a different combination of softness or firmness, fibre coverings, type of springs and density of foam or latex. Our sales staff can assist you in understanding these features and their corresponding levels of comfort for your body.

Here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Obtain the mattress specifications such as fibres, springs, density of materials etc. You’ll quickly gain a sense of the features that work for you.
  • To help you identify the comfort of alternative mattresses, wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can easily slip off. It’ is best to test out the mattress with your sleeping partner.
  • When you’re deciding if a bed is too hard, too soft or just right, look at two major factors: the level of support which is provided by the internal spring unit and the comfort, provided by the padding. The spring unit supports your body frame, while the comfort system conforms to your body’s shape, cushioning it from the spring unit.
  • Try to roll over. It will take a lot of effort if the bed’s too soft, and will feel uncomfortable on your hips and shoulders if it’s too firm.
  • Mattress corners should have weight and substance, and edges should be firm and strong.
  • When you roll around, the mattress shouldn’t creak, crunch or wobble.

Head on in to your local Bedshed store where experienced staff can assist you in finding the right mattress for you!