How to Make a Small Master Bedroom Look Bigger

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The first lesson you need to learn while planning a master bedroom is that you can't afford to have clutter lying around in your room. Even the slightest of clutter will make your room look smaller in an instance. Remove clutter from not only the bed but from the top of every furniture piece too. This way, your room will look clean and big at the same time.

  • The first step in learning tips to make a small master bedroom look bigger, is to get rid of your television, especially if you still have the older style, large TV’s. Throw it in the living room and make some space for a painting or for a small princess table. If you have a thin LED or an LCD, mount it on the wall to increase floor space.
  • Now let's move on to your bed. The bed should be low in height, recommended the height of your knees. For the bed, use a headboard of your choice but avoid using a foot board. Since the bed takes most amount of space, it shouldn't be messy. Keep a maximum of 5 pillows.
  • If you have too many drawers stuck to your walls or if your closet is taking up a lot of floor space, replace them with walk in closets and wardrobes. These will give you more floor space which in turn will make your room look really big. Avoid any type of furniture that will make your room a problem for easy movement.
  • While painting your master bedroom, use nude, natural or pastel colors. These are paint colors that make rooms look bigger than they actually are. The ceiling should be a shade lighter than the wall colors.
  • Mirrors can be used as a very strong weapon while learning to make a small master bedroom look bigger. You cannot add too many mirrors to your room as this will result in clutter. Instead, place one near the window so that it can reflect sunlight into your room and one right in front of the bed, that will visually double the size of your room.
  • Wood works the best as flooring,  especially when you want the room to look bigger. If you use wide floor boards made out of light wood, your room will get a feeling of opening up. It will look bigger than the first glance itself. If you have a wallpaper, make sure it's plain and simple and matches with the flooring.

Good luck in maximising your bedroom space and making it your relaxing haven.