Plan Your Perfect Bedroom

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Looking at updating your bedroom furniture but don’t know where or how to start? Wish there was a way of taking the guess work out of the equation? We’re listening and we’re here to help. We’ve developed a clever new tool which is available free to use on our website at

So to start out, measure your room as the foundation of your bedroom design. First, we build a replica to scale of your bedroom shape and size. No matter how unique the layout is, our software can reproduce it. You can even add doors and account for which side they open on.

Then, select your favourite Bedshed suite. This is the biggest decision and will form the basis of the look you’re trying to create. Consider the style you’re going for – is it classic or contemporary? Is it timber or upholstered? Do you prefer a warm chocolate or timber tone? Perhaps a lighter white wash or beech colour? Don’t forget to take into account what colour your walls are or what colour you will be painting them.

If you’re looking at upgrading the size of your bed but aren’t sure if it will dwarf your room, simply select your bed size and drag, drop and rotate the bed inside your room to see how it fits. Then add bedside tables, tallboy and more as many of our ranges have a host of matching pieces. You can re-arrange until your heart’s content without the heavy lifting!

Then you’ll get a total price that even lets you know when we’re on sale. You can print your plan with furniture in situ, share it via email or social media to see what your friends & family think, or even send it straight to your local store to organize for you! Easy! Visit to get started!