How your Body Clock affects sleep

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We all know what it feels like waking up tired and struggling to stay alert throughout the day. The problem is the majority of us are doing nothing about it! So why are we ignoring the importance of sleep?

Commonly, if we have not had enough sleep we are grumpy, tired, less productive and less attentive. But more alarming research shows that lack of sleep can potentially lead to serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

The common lifestyle seems to have evolved into busy schedules and technology dominance.  As a working Mother, a typical day consists of an early morning, working around the kids school and sporting schedules, while squeezing in a 7 hour work day and finding the time to cook dinner and assist with homework. So what can be done?

Understanding your Body Clock and how much sleep you require

Unfortunately too many of us are ignoring the importance of sleep, continuing through each day sleep deprived. Although, sometimes it may be difficult to sustain the perfect 8 hour sleep, we at least urge you get quality sleep when quantity is not an option.

When it comes to our body clock, it's important to be aware of its functions and why it exists.  Our body clock allows us to determine and synchronise our body workings between night and day, making us tired at night and alert when our body gets a dose of sunlight during the day.  Whether it be sunlight or synthetic blue lights, the light emitted 'trains' the body clock to keep in time with day and night.  However as we get older our body clock is disrupted more and more through influences of technology along with factors such as stress and anxiety.  Emerging evidence also shows that technology is keeping us up at night. Blue light emitted by devices such as mobile phones and tablets have similar effects on our bodies as sunlight.

Body clock problems and sleep problems are directly related, so ensure you and your family stick to a strict sleep schedule and avoid the use of tablets and mobile phones right before bed.

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Look after yourself and your family by ensuring you are getting enough sleep each night! Visit your local Bedshed store for tips on creating the best sleep environment with suitable mattress, pillow and bedding selection.

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