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Many people have insomnia. What's amazing is how funny the comments are about insomnia. If you have ever been up late at night, wishing you were asleep, maybe that lack of sleep is really the wide-awake gateway to a few good laughs? Or consider the irony of wanting to sleep and not being able to sleep when you need to?

"Sleep is overrated."
"I don't need sleep; I have the internet."
"Insomnia, why can't it start in the morning?"
"At night I cannot sleep. In the morning I cannot wake up."
"Insomnia is nothing to lose sleep over."
"Insomniacs do it all night long."

When you have insomnia, it isn't funny. Have you noticed in contrast that happier people may be less susceptible to stress induced insomnia?

Laughing and humour can help relieve stress, physical pain, and even help your heart. Research around the globe suggests that the stress relief of a lifestyle filled with laughs, helps offset and reduce the negative effects of stress. Laughter creates healthy changes in our blood pressure, breathing, and brain chemistry.

Adults and children can learn to laugh and the effects can carry over to more than just stress relief. You'll need to find your own favourite funny cure. Try funny movies, comedy shows, reading jokes, reading silly comics, and laughing with friends. There are even laughter clubs around the world that you can join!

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