Insomnia Treatment—There’s an App for That?

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With the boom of smart phones and smaller personal electronics, new sleep gadgets and software has surged into our bedrooms. Several modern devices and apps claim to help analyse our sleep and provide insomnia treatment by recording our sleep patterns. Some novel gadgets and software offer to solve sleep problems by changing the light, noise, or timing of our sleep.

The New Bedroom ‘Night Light’

There are two common types of sleep therapy that use light as an insomnia treatment.

  • Timed bedside lights that simulate sunset and sunrise
  • Eyeglasses or lamps that emit unique spectrums of colour while awake

Light as a sleep therapy is often loosely based on the green light and blue-green light experiments conducted on astronauts in space. Most orbiting astronauts experience sunrise and sunset every 45 minutes – far too often to get a good nap! Space scientists developed sleep-inducing systems that emulate daily patterns on earth and trigger natural circadian rhythms in space-bound astronauts.

Noise in the Bedroom

Is your bedroom too noisy to get to sleep? Earplugs as sleep therapy are being replaced by a variety of soundtracks and machines that mask the sounds from traffic, city activities or noise pollution. There are also sleep therapy devices that play strategically-timed hypnotic or relaxing sounds to lull a person into sleep, like an alarm-clock in reverse!

  • White-noise machines or soundtracks
  • White-noise pillows or pillow speakers
  • Earphones that can be comfortable worn in bed
  • Ambient or hypnotic music tracks

Insomnia Treatment or Bedroom Amusement?

Android and iPhone app developers have jumped into the bedroom with sleep therapy and insomnia treatment tools that you can load onto your smartphone or smart-device. Some sleep software is sold for entertainment value while other systems include harnesses or tethers with breathing, temperature or heart rate sensors for a more scientific approach.

  • Apps that record sleep talk
  • Software that records sleep movement, breathing, heart rate and sound
  • Vibrating wristbands that stimulate pressure points

By far, we were most amused by the creativity of some sleep devices. Even the relatively old-technology of an alarm clock has changed. Imagine a ruggedised alarm clock on wheels that rolls off the bedside table and whirs around on the floor making quite a racket until you wake up! Now that would get you out of bed!

Bedroom Furniture Goes High-Tech

At Bedshed, we’ve noticed that in recent years people are using their bedrooms and bedroom furniture differently than in the past. We’ve embraced technology with the

A 32 inch flat-screen TV can be stored in the foot of the bed and the TV can be raised or stored at the touch of a button (TV not included with the bed). Both the Tango and Beethoven bedroom sets have optional bedroom furniture, including multimedia bedside tables with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connections.

If you are not ready to add a TV to your bedroom, Bedshed has several beds designed with built-in storage in the headboard. Come into any of our Bedshed stores to see the variety of bedroom furniture features and bed sizes available. These convenient headboards are great for tucking away small electronics or high-tech devices – though we don’t recommend putting that rolling alarm clock in there!