Just Married: 8 Tips for a Newlywed’s Bedroom

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Just married! Newlyweds experience a lot of change in their first year together. We are sharing some classic advice for those who are just married, and adding a modern twist. After all, the bedroom is where we spend most of our time!

1. Don't go to bed angry - Design a relaxing, peaceful bedroom
2. Allow space for both of your unique hobbies and passions - Make sure you have plenty of smart storage
3. Rekindle the honeymoon, often - Have a good quality mattress that will last you for years
4. Embrace your history, and your future - Choose an attractive space to group pictures, and memories
5. Plan big purchases - Financing large, functional items, like your bedroom suite, is a practical use of credit
6. Look after yourselves - Find the right pillow and mattress so you can sleep well, and wake up refreshed
7. Baby bound? Prepare for balance, and sanctuary - Add curtains that can darken the bedroom, and be ready to take many short naps
8. Spend your nights together - Consider a TV bed to enjoy movies, music, and games together

Celebrate being just married!

The bedroom is an ideal space for conversation, and connection. Just married? Don't forget to include plenty of useful storage for clothing, hobbies, sports, and entertainment. Choose a bedroom suite, mattress, and bedroom decor that will bring new family years of happiness.


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