Make Your Bed the Easy Way

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At Bedshed we make the beds in our stores and we want to share some practical tips for making a bed.

Fitted Mattress Protectors, Fitted Mattress Toppers and Fitted Sheets

Start with the hardest to reach corner of the bed, like the headboard near the corner wall. Tuck the corner in and an extra handful of fitted sheet around the mattress on each side of the corner.

In this example, go to the foot of the bed at the opposite corner and tuck it in. This reduces the chance of the fitted sheet popping off while you are pulling another corner over the mattress.

Flat Sheets, Quilts and Blankets

Stand at the foot of the bed and shake out the flat sheet across the bottom 1/4 to 1/3 of the bed. Allow the sheet to gather in fan-like folds and center the sheet across the left and the right side of the bed.

Pull the flat sheet just past the top of the mattress near the headboard to give enough extra sheet to cover you while you are sleeping.

Return to the foot of the bed and gently pull the sheet flat, tucking in the foot first.

If you are adding quilts or blankets, repeat the steps for the flat sheet. By having the flat sheet tucked in first, you won't have to worry about the blanket sliding the flat sheet off the bed.

If you are having trouble reaching and pushing a flat sheet or quilt under a mattress because the bed is close to a wall or furniture, use a sturdy, clean wooden spoon to push the linen or quilts under the mattress. This technique is also great for people with limited mobility or arthritis in the hands and wrists.

Doonas and Duvet Covers

Wash and dry the doona or duvet cover inside-out; this reduces the fading and wear on the surface of the cover and makes it easier to get the doona inside.

The secret is to covering a doona start with an inside-out doona cover!

Stand at the foot of the bed and lay the doona flat on the bed. Open the doona cover (undo the buttons, snaps or zipper) and lay the doona cover on top of the doona and bed, loosely covering the bottom of the bed.

Work one arm into the deepest corner of the doona cover and hold the corner with your hand. Work your other arm into the other, deepest corner and hold the corner of the cover.

Similar to wearing oven mits, grab one corner of the doona with your covered hand. Grab the other corner and bring your arms slightly in front of you.

Keep hold of the corners. Shake the doona cover off your arms as you pull it right-side out over the doona.

Having the doona slightly folded as it goes in, helps you get past the opening.

When you have ¾ or more of the doona inside the cover and the cover is right-side out, lay one corner over the corner of the mattress and let go. Lay the other part of the doona over the mattress and let go.

Go to the doona opening and stuff the remaining doona corners in. Fasten the doona closures, turn the opening of the doona to the foot of the bed and gently fluff the doona.

Adjustable Beds

We have a special note for those with an adjustable bed, like the Tempur Flexislat adjustable bed base or Superflex adjustable bed base. Ask any of our friendly Bedshed staff about sheets designed to accommodate an adjustable bed while it moves.

  • Flat sheet sewn to the fitted sheet to keep it attached to the bed
  • Diagonal elastic bands to keep the corners attached
  • Extra fabric along the side of the sheets where the mattress bends

And, most of all, enjoy making your bed!