Making a Bedroom Work –the Bedroom Office

tips decorating bedroom storage bed

Many of us find our bedroom is a quiet, comfortable location to get some work finished. Ideally we would keep our work at the office, but often find our bedroom doubles as a study.

At Bedshed, we want to share some ideas for incorporating your office into your bedroom. First consider how big is your room? Do you have a large open-plan or loft-style bedroom, or a small room, like a guest bedroom?

Our first tip is to use the right sized bed and then use the bedroom furniture to divide the room into a sleeping space and a work zone. We like Bedshed's Rimini bedroom suite, because it has a variety of bed sizes and has been designed with a beautiful range of functional furniture, including desks, bookcases, multifunctional shelving and under-bed drawers to help with storage.

Speaking of storage and our workspace - sort small items like printer cartridges, cables and adapters into covered boxes and baskets and place these on the bookshelves.

When possible, place the office zone near sources of natural-light. Our tip is to add the artificial-lighting at a similar angle and direction as the natural-light, so the office is equally comfortable during both day and night. And, don’t forget to setup plenty of power outlets near the desk, printer and electronics!

Finally, we can gain floor space by using our walls. Contact a licensed tradesman to install wall-mounted computer monitors, lighting and shelving.

Now that our new bedroom works as an office, we can enjoy our study - and our sleep.