Mattress Life and the Most Durable Mattresses


How do you know what makes a durable, long-lasting mattress?
1. Durable materials
2. Good care

Choosing Durable Materials
When selecting a new mattress keep an eye out for high quality memory foam and coil mattresses.  The materials which create your mattress will be the factors influencing your comfort, support and mattress life.
Coil mattresses have great airflow, and feel cooler next to the skin.  Coil technology is lighter weight than a memory foam equivalent. And, a quality coil mattress will last at least 8 years when the mattress well cared for. The most durable coil mattresses have:
• A higher coil count and more turns per coil, as in the Insignia Luxuria Infinity mattress
• Coils made of durable alloys such as Sealy's Posturepedic Exquisite Sophia mattress with ReST technology
• Allergen resistant materials, and treatments like Sleepmaker's Ultra Fresh layers in their Miracoil Physio Elite
Regardless of the mattress life, you need to find the best fit for your comfort, budget, and the level of back and neck support you require. You can see in-store, which mattresses have high quality stitching, and durable textiles.

Good Care
Both memory foam, and coil mattresses last longer with good care:
• When moving a mattress, do not bend it, or place furniture on top of it
• Use a correctly supporting ensemble base, or slat base depending on your mattress type
• Some mattresses should not be flipped, so follow the manufacturer's instructions
• Use a mattress protector

Keep all of your bedding dry, and protected from stains, odours, and moisture. Dry mattresses last longer because moisture breaks down the textiles, ticking, and foam. Moisture also contributes to the growth of bacteria, fungus, and sometimes even parasites. Be careful to not clean mattresses with chemicals, or liquids. Keep your mattress fresh, be sure to avoid placing wet towels, or wet clothing on the bed surface. If the bedding or mattress materials get wet, such as a spill, immediately blot the area and allow the mattress to dry for several hours uncovered.

Ask any of our Bedshed staff to help you find the memory foam, and coil technology mattresses that give you the comfort you like, and that fit your sleep needs. Lay down on several types of mattresses for at least 10 minutes to get a feel for the best mattress for you.

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