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When it comes to selecting a new mattress, the large range and variety of options can be overwhelming. With so many brands, sizes, feels and features available these days, it can be a challenging task to select the right mattress for you.  Whether you suffer from back pain, partner disturbance or wake up most nights feeling hot, there is the right technology out there for you

While selecting a mattress, consider the predominant sleeping troubles you and your partner are experiencing and determine the faults of your existing mattress.  Common sleeping troubles can often be helped with the correct mattress, pillow and bedding.

Mattress selection is important and will assist you in getting that perfect deep sleep you need to wake up feeling alert and refreshed.

Mattress size
When it comes to mattress selection, the easiest decision should be selecting your mattress size. Be mindful of your height and sleeping position, the standard mattress sizes below will give you an indication of the size most suited for you, your partner and young ones.
Single: 1880 x 920
Single Long: 2040 x 920
King Single: 2040 x 1070
Double: 1880 x 1380
Queen: 2040 x 1530
King: 2040 x 1830
(L x W)

Mattress Feel
The Mattress feels available include soft, medium and firm. So how do you select the right one?

The 'feel' of a mattress is particularly important, ensure that not only comfort is a concern but also the level of support you require.  A common mattress myth is that firm mattresses provide you with the most support, this may be the case in some instances but may not be in others. 

When it comes to mattress feel it's all about your personal preference, ensure you test a mattress prior to purchasing.  Lying on a mattress for a minimum of ten minutes in your preferred sleep position will allow you to properly determine comfort and overall spine support.

Common Sleeping Problems - Sleeping hot

Do you wake up in the night feeling hot and sweaty? While some of us naturally sleep hot, it can be a common sleep problem for others.

Mattress technology is now so advanced, that some contain features to specifically target these problems.  Different technologies include air cool memory foam, thermogel infused fabric, gel infused memory foam, cool sleep tencel and active air mesh.

If you prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature, opt for a mattress with cooling features. 

Partner Disturbance
Do you experience sleep problems as a result of your partner’s movements throughout the night? Partner disturbance can be a common sleep problem, particularly for those on a coil spring mattress. Such mattresses can create unwelcome movement which can disturb your partner’s sleep. 

We recognise that partner disturbance is a prominent contributor to upset sleep. Some mattresses now contain pocket coil systems which respond independently to each sleeper and there are also non inner-spring mattresses available as well.  If this is a problem for you and your partner, we highly recommend testing the technology for yourself.

Back Pain
Are you suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain? With the majority of us spending approximately 8 hours a day on a mattress you can understand the importance or effect this may have on existing back, neck and shoulder problems.

Ensure you select a mattress which will provide your spine enough support in all the crucial areas. Your mattress should be supporting the heaviest parts of your body, such as the head, shoulders and hips. The main thing to remember is to test a mattress for a minimum of 10 minutes in your typical sleep position, this is the perfect amount of time to give you an indication of comfort and support. When it comes to mattress selection ensure you keep you and your partners needs and sleeping problems in the back of your mind when purchasing.

If you require assistance in the selection of a mattress, check out our mattress selector tool or visit your local Bedshed store where our expert staff can assist.

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